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Smart Transactions

SunSystems® Accounting captures detailed data directly at the source and allow you to see performance up close by breaking transactions down to their individual details. New data can be captured whenever it’s needed, and analysis can be performed on that data immediately because analytics are built directly into smart transactions.

Unified Ledgers

Rather than maintain separate sub-ledgers (like traditional financial systems), SunSystems uses a unified ledger to hold all financial transactions in a single, integrated transaction set. General ledger, receivables, and payables are all combined. You can easily report across all transactions without requiring reconciliation, all transactions are posted to the same data set simultaneously. 

SunSystems includes all the functionality needed to effectively manage international growth, enabling organizations to launch into new markets quickly and efficiently. SunSystems is the only financial management solution outsmarted all others, with this level of comprehensive functionality built in. Includes:

1. Multi-company, independent locales


Multi-company support is standard for most business accounting systems, but SunSystems takes this further with support for configurations of each business as separate locales within one deployment. Each configuration can have its own base currency, chart of accounts, and business rules to meet local requirements. Each configuration can have its own independent setup, or multiple companies can be supported within a single business entity. 

3. Multi-language


SunSystems can be run as a single system, running simultaneously in multiple languages, and with different users accessing the system in the language of their choice. The 16 core languages are English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Thai, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, and Brazilian-Portuguese.

4. 4D multicurrency


SunSystems supports four currency dimensions for each transaction: transaction currency (variable), base currency (fixed per business unit), reporting currency (fixed per business unit), and fourth currency (variable). “Variable” means the fourth currency code may vary line by line with the ability to address sophisticated requirements, such as branch accounting in different currencies, tracking values by a charity’s donor, or other payment currency (which is distinct from the transaction currency, or the local or corporate accounting currencies).

5. Multi-tax (withholding, VAT, GST, QST)


SunSystems’ tax calculation capability is simple, but flexible. While it doesn’t support some complex calculations out of the box, SunSystems can integrate with common taxation platforms and provide automated maintenance of rules and rates.

6. Parallel charts of accounts


Organizations can have various charts of accounts structures for different entities. This supports the requirement of some countries to code financial data to a statutory chart of accounts structure. Acquired entities may continue to operate a historic coding structure, and different lines of business can utilize other structures that are more appropriate. Multiple charts of accounts can be maintained for each company, making it easy to apply different reporting perspectives to the same financial transactions.

7. Parallel books for different accounting treatments


In addition to the actual accounting transactions, another 10 books (transaction sets) are available for each company. These books share the same accounting structure and setup, but hold separate transactions—allowing the capture of budgets and commitment transactions, as well as enabling adjustments to be recorded for alternative treatments (such as local GAAP, US GAAP, IFRS, or tax adjustments).

8. Smart transactions for localized reporting


SunSystems allows you to define additional data to be captured and stored on all source transactions, as well as refine what data is required for different accounts or types of transaction. For example, for a travel-related expense posting, you may choose to capture the employee code or the destination. You can change the data capture requirements and add new dimensions. Smart transactions allow you to manage additional data requirements that arise from local accounting practices, even when the requirements change.

9. Global access and integrations


SunSystems can be run in the cloud or on premises (depending upon specific requirements to facilitate global access). By utilizing Infor OS as the underlying technology platform, SunSystems users get a unified modern experience and the ability to create configurable workflows and alerts to help optimize business processes. Integration with additional systems is achieved via Infor ION®, a component of Infor OS that enables SunSystems to connect with both Infor and non-Infor applications, services, and data sources. SunSystems users also get access to another component of Infor OS, Infor Document Management (IDM), which allows organizations to store and retrieve in-context information to enhance the user experience.

10. Get the information you need when you need it


SunSystems’ unified ledger provides fast and easy access to smart transactions that deliver data and detailed contextual information. Whether it’s from a general ledger, sales and purchase ledger, or even a user-defined ledger, all the ledger data is combined in one place without having to wait for batch updates or reconciliations. You’ll be able to close your books faster, resulting in lower costs and greater efficiencies

11. Expand operations


Infor SunSystems has additional modules that include requisitioning, purchasing, sales order processing, and inventory management. These modules allow organizations to expand operations in a seamless fashion and leverage extended business capabilities.

2. Multi-calendar


While only one accounting period can be specified on a transaction, different accounting periods can be created for reporting. As data is retained at the transaction level, it can be re-aggregated to different periods as required.

SunSystems Unique feature

sunsystems global essentials



on Windows desktop

run on browser

support MS Office 2016 latest

always keep up with the latest version MS Office

one single currency and a base currency per transaction

5 currency in a transaction

character printer format

Windows printer format

limited field length

much longer field length

one single task at a time eg. Cannot print report while posting Journal

unlimited tasks at the same time, enable users to view and attach business document in context to the records on which they are working. For instance, when users open a Sales Order record, they can also see the associated sales order document on the same screen

on premises

on the cloud or on premises

intercompany transactions via QA-excel 

directly posting to the other company

no work flow integration

work flow integration such as purchasing approval etc., is available

one language in one book set

multi-company, multi-ledger, multi-language, multi-currency, multi-calender

customers & suppliers cannot access the system

customers and suppliers can securely access the system without having to log in

SunSystems v4 vs v6