Business Modules

sunsystems basic business modules

Improve efficiency and reduce costs by being able to maintain tight oversight over the purchasing activities over large numbers of employees with robust spending control and management capabilities. You can allow your employees to manage their own purchasing requirements, while operating under rules and workflows you’ve defined and automated to enforce corporate policies. You can also raise requisitions directly from within Infor SunSystems and have them automatically pass through a multi-level approval workflow.

With Infor SunSystems, you can take complete control of your sales, purchasing, and inventory management, and seamlessly integrate your operations with your partners and customers. You can configure order processes and sequence your transactions the way you want to, access any associated documents you need, and automatically update your ledger and inventory in real time.

Purchase Order Management

Sales Order Management

Inventory Control Module

SunSystems track inventory movements across items and warehouses, it allows organizations to better manage inventory by enabling greater control of inventory levels without forfeiting essential customer service levels. SunSystems provides full visibility of product, intermediate, and raw material item - with complete lot and batch control. The SunSystems Inventory module includes inventory management and traceability, with additional options that include costing, landed costing and cost analysis, and product profiles. This module tracks inventory movements in and out of different warehouse locations. It includes multiple allocation and costing methods, as well as extensive user-defined analysis capabilities, across items and warehouses.

Inventory movement

Advanced costing

SunSystems use advanced costing when the inventory costing needs to be more than just the latest, the average, or the standard by item. This option provides features such as weighted average cost calculation by item, warehouse, condition, and more......

Global visibility and control

SunSystems gives organizations full visibility and control of inventory, while maintaining customer service levels. Organizations get lot and batch control, traceability, multiple costing options, analysis, and product profiles to access inventory data quickly.